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From left to right, meet Danny Jones (vocals/guitar), Harry Judd (drums), Dougie Poynter (bass, occasional vocals), and Tom Fletcher (vocals/guitar).

These four handsome British lads are in a band called McFly. Yep, like Back to the Future. Get a good look, because they're about to ruin your life.

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it needs to be november so i can have my misfits while also having dexter and it's always sunny and harry potter 7 all at the same time and i might just collapse from the overexcitement on my heart but i'll be okay

Fall is known for its gorgeous colors, but many of us are partial to one in particular: Red. Yes, it’s time for America’s most intriguing serial killer to break out the knives again as Dexter returns for season 5 (9 p.m. tonight, Showtime). Questions abound: How will Dexter (Michael C. Hall) rebound after—SPOILER ALERT!—discovering that Trinity killed his loving wife, Rita? What kind of fresh evil will Dex encounter? And how many f-bombs will Deb drop this season? We give you some bloody good information on the dark drama in our Fall TV Preview issue, but here are some choice cuts that didn’t make it into print...


so freakin exciteddd

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RARE: Marlon Brando's Method, 1950

How Marlon Brando Shook Up Hollywood
The year was 1949, and 25-year-old Marlon Brando -- "the brilliant brat," as LIFE magazine called him following his astonishing work on Broadway in A Streetcar Named Desire -- had finally answered the call of Hollywood. He was preparing to film his movie debut in The Men, the wrenching story of a World War II vet coping with rage and insecurity after he's paralyzed in combat. And while it's true that L.A. was used to next-big-thing newcomers, it was (and still is) exceedingly rare to chronicle the earliest days in the career of a movie actor of Brando's intensity, eccentricities, and electrifying talent. LIFE photograher Ed Clark captured Brando's explosive arrival, not only trailing the actor as he delved deep into "The Method" -- taking to a wheelchair and leg braces to live among paraplegics at a VA hospital in Van Nuys -- but also glimpsing more personal sides of Brando, the private man. To mark the 60th anniversary of the release of The Men (July 20, 1950), LIFE.com presents Clark's photos -- many of which have never before been published -- of a film genius at work. Pictured: A never-before-published photo of Brando in his standard uniform of T-shirt and jeans, sitting back in a wheelchair, smoking a cigarette.

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It's hard to believe that after so many years being one of Hollywood's biggest movie stars, Leonardo DiCaprio had never lent his voice for an animated film. Alas, in these times where studios still think A-list names sell tickets, even when you can't see their pretty faces, it was only a matter of time before Leo went before the microphone to speak for a cartoon character. He'll be heard as the voice of Jack Frost in DreamWorks Animation's The Guardians, based on the upcoming series of books by children's author William Joyce (A Day with Wilbur Robinson, source of Meet the Robinsons).

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